How do I place my order?
Once you click Place Order from the home page or go to the Package Selection page, you will be prompted to enter your personal identifying information. Once you have entered all required information, you will then go through an intuitive step-by-step process to complete your background check. If you have any questions along the way, please contact us at 888-723-4263 or email servicedesk.cu@castlebranch.com.

Where can I view my Order Confirmation?
A copy of your Order Confirmation was sent to the email address you provided when you placed your order. You can also retrieve a copy of your Order Confirmation by logging into your account and clicking on the Document Center tab located at the top of the screen. Once in the Document Center, click on the Background Check folder located on the left side panel; then click on the document titled "Confirmation."

When should I expect my Background Check results to be complete?
Results are normally returned within 3- 5 business days. Please note that turnaround time will vary based on the specific items in your order. If it has been more than 5 business days and you are approaching your school deadline, please email us at servicedesk.cu@castlebranch.com.

What does "In Process" status mean on my results summary page?
"In Process" means that the item is not completed and is still being researched.

How do I dispute additional charges or criminal records?
Once your results are returned, you will receive a message in your account inbox titled "Completed Order Results." In this message, links are provided to dispute additional charges or criminal records.

If I have further questions or need additional help, who do I contact?
Please call Service Desk at 888-723-4263 or email servicedesk.cu@castlebranch.com.

Hours of Operation:

Monday-Thursday  8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time
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